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¡HI, I am Dr.  Margarita Torres, PT, DPT

A passionate Doctor of Physical Therapy and the mastermind behind Motion 4 Kids, an innovative platform dedicated to pediatric physical therapy that fuses knowledge, creativity, and clinical expertise.

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 Peace of mind for parents and caregivers from our professional knowledge, passion, empathy and guidance. 

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 What we do from our heart 

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 Peace of mind from professional guidance 

We care about taking care of what matters most to you.

You will achieve changes in your life and the way you lead your family.

 We accompany your challenges and incertitude from our empathy, knowledge and expertise. 

 You will feel peaceful knowing that you are doing right. 

We are a community that educates, enables and empowers.

Our courses, therapies and tools will be a break for you.

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Hello! I am Margarita Torres, a physical therapist passionate about improving the quality of life of the pediatric population.


My career in this field is extensive and diverse, with a constant dedication to learning and professional excellence. I graduated from the Maria Cano University Foundation in 2001 and, since then, I have continued my academic and professional training.


I obtained my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, USA. Currently, I have an active license in the state of Florida and have accumulated more than 24 years of experience in pediatric physical therapy.


My commitment to education and professional development has led me to obtain several specializations and certifications. I am a specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy from the University of Euneiz in Spain, and in human body movement from the Brookbush Institute. In addition, I have certifications in neurodevelopment for the pediatric population, kinesiotaping, orthopedic manual therapy by Ola Grimsby, pediatric yoga, and Pediasuit.


Currently, I am working on a certification in Sensory Integration Ayres, reflecting my continued commitment to excellence in my field.


As the founder of Motion 4 Kids, I have established an organization dedicated to providing high-quality physical therapy to children, making a significant difference in their lives and the lives of their families.


Motion 4 Kids is not just a platform; it is a movement towards an innovative approach to pediatric physical therapy.


My expertise rests on two main pillars: clinical development and specialized education. As a pediatric physical therapist, I excel in providing quality care to children with neurological and orthopedic conditions.


My experience extends internationally with licenses obtained in Colombia and the United States. In the educational field, I have played crucial roles as a teacher of functional neuroanatomy and assessment and therapeutic intervention strategies. I have also been an Academic Coordinator of a physical therapy program and have contributed as a speaker at educational conferences at clinics in the United States.


What sets Motion 4 Kids apart is our commitment to educating both families and other therapists. The platform reflects my passion for being a creative therapist, integrating play and applying evidence-based expertise to achieve individual goals and objectives for each child.


I invite you to join our community, where experience is intertwined with education, creating an environment where every child can reach their developmental goals and every therapist finds inspiration and knowledge.


Discover the power of movement with Motion 4 Kids and elevate your therapeutic practice to new heights!

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+20 thousand


Years of experience

families served


Presence in Countries 

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“Margarita work with a great vocation for service and empathy with her patients, it drives them to reach their goals.”

Yaneth Cruz, Carolyne's mommy


"More than a therapist, Margarita was a support and a company in the recovery process of our son. We all thank you for the dedication and love."

Liliana & Gustavo Girl


“Specific objectives are established and progress is evaluated. Family involvement was a great learning opportunity.”

Luisa, Samuel´s mommy

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