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Auditory System

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Our auditory system has the ability to hear a sound .

This system works closely with the vestibular system which helps to regulate movement, balance and coordination.

  • Discrimination: Is the capacity that our brain has to help us to understand more details about what we hear.

  • Defensive: Is the capacity that our brain has to help us to understand if certain sounds are a threat or not.

If our child’s auditory system is overload/over response:

  • The brain becomes overloaded by the amount of noise and finds it difficult to focus on other things.

  • Easily distracted by noise that many of us can tune out.

  • The child may react quickly and negatively to loud sounds

  • The child may cover his/her ears, scream, or yell

  • The child may dislike or feel fear of higher pitched sounds, such as vacuum cleaners, flushing toilets or hand dryers.

Activities to do:

  1. Use ear protectors

  2. Give the child more time when giving directions.

  3. Uses cards as a visual tool along with verbal instructions.

  4. Organize an auditory relaxation area

If our child’s auditory system is under response:

  • The child appears not to hear what you say

  • The child may seek out for additional noise to increase alertness levels and to keep them focused on a task.

  • The child has difficulty remembering or understanding what has been said.

  • They do not consistently respond to name.

Activities to do:

  1. Provide visual instructions for tasks.

  2. Give him time to listen to his favorite music.

  3. Talk to him nearby to give him instructions.

  4. Provide alternative sensory stimulation to increase attention/concentration.

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