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Disadvantages of Baby Sit Walker

1. The use of walkers inhibit proper core activation: The child doesn't require to use his/her core muscles while is in the walker since all the weight is supported in the walker's chair.

2. Alter balance and proprioception: The walker doesn't allow the child to place proper weight bearing on the baby's feet affecting the proprioception as well as limiting the baby's opportunity to know where his body is in space. The balance is also affected because the child moves his center of gravity forward when he leans forward to move the walker.

3. Promotes toe walking: most of the babies attempt to walk on their toes while are in the walker to reach the ground, this pattern shortens some muscles and weakens others affecting the walking pattern.

4. Interfere with the development of protective reaction and defense reflex: The best way for your child to develop this reaction is to challenge his balance on different positions and the use of the walker just decreases this challenge due the increase of support that the walker offers.

5. Safe: the baby's walkers are NOT SAFE. The baby's walkers move very fast (they move an average of 3 feet per second) this is enough time for a child to have an accident before the parents can avoid it.

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