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Having fun while we move our body

Movement is the most essential way to learn since we born.

Once baby is born, he/she needs to start moving and working to get their body against gravity in order to be able to explore the environment. Every motion that they do give them a feed back on different sensations generating different actions and allowing him/her to learn new experiences.

Movement activities are developed by gross and fine motor skills depending on the tasks

Gross motor skills make reference to the movements that require to engage and use large muscles of the body to complete all the activities in order to perform regular functions like roll, sit, crawl, stand up, walk, run, jump, climb and more.

Fine motor skills make reference to the movements that requires to engage small muscles to complete precise or detail activities.

The best way to facilitate brain grow and healthy develop is by moving and exploring the environment, this is why so important to allow our kids to move and avoid to have them for long period of time in car sits, strollers or when they are older on-screen time activities like tablets-phone-TV.

The best way to enjoy our time with our kids is by playing with them and promoting movement.

Some activities are:

  • Peekaboo

  • Staking toys like rings, cups (placing them on different places of the house and roll, crawl and walking to find them)

  • Hide toys around the room

  • Make a sensory bin with different textures and play to find specific texture

  • Make faces in front of mirror with the baby

  • Move around the house while listening music

  • Play catch and throw ball

  • Make a circuit with pillows and blankets

  • Remember play time is the best way to promote movement, connect with your child and facilitate physical, sensory and mentally development.

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