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To have a proper posture while your child is sitting at his desk is very important to facilitate the learning process, you may need to give frequent verbal instructions reminding them to sit straight but what happens when to adopt and maintain that posture is hard for the child?

Well, these are some tips that you can have to help them out.

1. If the size of the chair doesn’t fit your child (maybe his feet are dangling) prop some books or a box under the child's feet.

2. Weak core exercises like tree pose, bridge, curls and bow pose are a great option to improve core strength and posture.

3. Sensory processing issues: maybe your child is under responsive or over response to some stimulus the use of a wedge cushion, weight blanket or therapy ball could be a good option for him.

4. Visual instructions place a picture of how a correct posture looks and place it close to the kid that way he can remember to adjust his posture.

Encourage, embrace and guide from the Heart

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