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Step By Step, Everyone Has Their Own Pace...

1. Focus on what your child needs. More patience from you?More time working on things he needs to reach out. Find different ways to teach him or work with him.

2. Reach out to your pediatrician: he will be able to explain to you if your child is late on his milestones and if he may need to receive therapy to reach those milestones

3. Be part of your child's therapy session, get a home exercises program and work at home on those activities; we learn by repetition, so having a routine of activities at home will help your child in his process. You can do those activities in different ways to make it fun for you and your baby.

4. get time to enjoy and play: it is crucial to focus on his goals and milestones, but it is even more important to have time to enjoy.

5. If someone says to you; your child is not doing what usually a kid at his age is supposed to be doing, just say everyone is different, and that is ok, everyone has his own pace, and my child is doing the best what he can. Celebrate every milestone he reaches even if he is still late on what everyone expects; All the fantastic job you and your child is doing deserve to be celebrated.

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