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Tactile System

Jacob is 3 years old, every time someone approaches him, he runs away, cries and start screaming, his friends/family do not understand why he behaves like this, mornings are hard for him because he doesn’t like to bathe, be combed, and complains about his clothes and takes off his shirt and pants whenever he can.

Ana (Jacob's mom) is very frustrated and feels sad because she doesn't know why he behaves like this. One day Ana was in a beauty salon when she heard Judith talking about her son with similar issues that Jacob had, but she said how proud she was of her son because he was behaving well in the daycare; Ana was shocked because she didn't know how a child who acted like Jacob could well behave in a daycare, she went to talk to Judith and ask her how she got her son to go to the daycare, Judith explained that Jacob’s behavior had nothing to do with his personality or because she wasn't doing a good job as a mom, she explained about sensory processing disorder and how some stimuli could cause Jacob anxiety and stress.

That day Ana began to look at her son in a different way, she began to investigate, spoke with the pediatrician, and began to change the routine for something more friendly for him. Now Jacob is a happy boy who takes his time to do things, to interact with other people and to express himself.

Encourage, embrace and guide from the Heart.

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