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Certification List

  • Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) (2014)

  • Human Movement Specialist (HMV) (2020)

  • LSVT Big Certified (2018)

  • Pediatric Yoga Certified (2020)

  • certified in Pediasuit Intensive Therapy Course & Holism and is competent in using the universal exercises unit (monkey and spider cage) (2019)

  • Mentoring from an NDT therapist certified in 2001

  • Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT) (2022)

  • Kinesiology Taping certification for pediatrics (2019)

  • Currently doing Clasi Asi sensory integration certification (Completed Module 1, 2 and 4)


Courses in USA

  • Early intervention for the young child

  • Integration of persistent reflexes

  • Primitive reflex integration through neuroplasticity treatment techniques

  • Effective strategies for integrating visual and motor learning

  • Sensory diet effective creation and implementation

  • A sensory based approach to pediatric toe walker

  • Manual energy techniques approach

  • Technology and screen time

  • Canine assisted therapy

  • A vision based approach to torticollis

  • Development of executive function in children

  • Adaptive strengthening activities for children with motor dysfunction

  • pediatric teletherapy

  • Assessment and intervention strategies using DIR/Floortime approach

  • pediatric yoga

  • Practical effective strategies for integrating sensory and motor learning

  • Children with severe impairments

  • Effective early intervention

  • Evidence-based strategies for infant positioning and handling

  • Pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Tone management in Children

  • Early intervention for Brain and Motor Skill development. 

  • Nutrition management for patients with ADHD

  • Improving Sleep Patterns

  • Using Sensory Integration Strategies

  • Using Nuroplasticity to improve pediatric motor learning

  • Sensory-based Feeding Strategies 

  • A Vision-based approach to torticollis

  • A brain based approach to linking Motor Development and Sensory Integration

  • A sensory-based approach to pediatric toe walking

  • Functional active myofascial release

  • Sensory Diets effective creation and implementation 

  • Effective treatment for sensory, motor and cognitive challenges

  • Essential assessment and treatment strategies for pediatric orthopedic dysfunction

  • Differentiating sensory from behavior

  • Developing effective sensory diets

  • Positioning and movement during play

  • Practical techniques to address pediatric gait dysfunction

  • Autism: Across the Spectrum

  • Treating Torticollis

  • It is Sensory or is it Neuromuscular being a detective in order to plan effective interventions (

  • Let's get walking! Gait in pediatrics (

  • Infant treatment based on NDT Principles (

  • M1 Ayres sensory integration theory

  • M2 Comprehensive Assessment in ASI

  • M4 Clinical reasoning using ASI

 Courses outside of USA: 

  • NDT Advanced Course (Aconiño)

  • NDT-Bobath Approach  (Ideal-Cali Colombia Foundation)

  • Lower Limb Orthoses (Our Children AC – Comprehensive Therapy and Education Center Cuernavaca Morelos)

  • Cranio-Cervico dorso scapular syndrome (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Facilitation techniques based on the principles of neurodevelopment (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Splinting and cast shells for a child with neurological injury (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Kinesic treatment in cerebral palsy (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Multisensory stimulation (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Margarita Torres is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Motion 4 Kids founder. 

She obtained her degree in Physical Therapy in 2001 from “Maria Cano Foundation University” in Cali-Colombia and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016 from “Arcadia University” in Glenside, Pennsylvania-United States. 

She also is Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist through the Ola Grimsby institute since 2014, Human movement specialist through Brookbush Institute, Pediasuit Intensive Therapy Course & Holism Certified since 2019, Certified in Kinesiology tape for pediatrics since 2019 and certified in yoga for children from Kidding around yoga. 

She is currently coursing the Ayres Sensory Integration certification through CLASI-CASI. 

Margarita had the opportunity to receive mentoring for an NDT therapist certified from 2001 to 2003 in Cali – Colombia. 

Margarita has been working mainly with children and adults with neurologic, sensory and orthopedic conditions, which lead her to establish her own practice based on excellent care for patients and their families. 


Margarita is a very creative, knowledgeable an empathic therapist who is passionate about helping every child meet his or her full potential using an evidence based, family centered approach that focuses on parent participation and an emphasis on play 

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Years of experience


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Presence in 3 countries

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