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Baby Jumper

Is it bad to have my infant in a jumper for 30-45 minutes? Is it bad if I leave my infant in the jumper while I am cleaning the house or cooking?

As a therapist, I frequently receive this question from most parents and I normally educate them on the disadvantages of a jumper.

The risk of having the infant in this device for a lengthy amount of time and effects it can cause to the infant’s body. I promote other activities that may help the proper gross motor development in a better way.

Pushing off with the toes during bouncing generates poor hip, knee, ankle and toes joint alignment. Trunk leaning forward limiting hip muscles activation (muscles that are essential for proper gait/walking).

Head tilted backward and shoulder blades pulled backward while bouncing gives them poor sense of body awareness.

Poor eye-feet feedback: for the baby is so important to see his feet to develop balance control.

During bouncing the babies don't get the proper experience of appropriate weight shifting that is required for proper standing posture and walking pattern.

Encourage, embrace and guide from the Heart.

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