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If you are encouraging your child to crawl, you are doing a great job.

Is many ways for a baby to crawl, here we are sharing some of the most common ways that babies crawl:

  • Commando crawling or belly crawl: baby keeps belly and legs down on the floor and pull him/herself forward along with their arms. Babies normally start with this type of crawl before they go to hands and knees.

  • Classic and expected crawl: from been on his/her belly, baby pushes up on her/his hands and knees and moves forward by alternating arm and opposite leg.

  • Scoot crawl: baby will drag their bottom along the floor; he or she will use their legs to pull them self forward. This is one of the ways your child will test and try before he/she goes to classic crawl.

  • Tripod crawl: baby will move forward using two hands and one knee while the other leg takes it easy.

  • Bear crawl: baby will move forward using two hands and feet, keeping elbows and knees straight like downward dog yoga pose.

  • Crab crawl: baby have one knee bend and other extended. Baby moves him/herself sidewards or backwards.

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