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Proprioceptive System Issues

Daniel is a 6-year-old boy who has difficulty staying seated at school, he frequently stands up and walks on tippy toes around the room, climbs on chairs and jumps out of there, he loves to hug everyone and sometimes his classmates complain because sometimes he is too rough, his teacher Ms Mary, is new to this school, she is a very patient teacher and tries to help him stay seated and explain to him why it is important for him to stay still in his chair, however, Daniel still move. One day Ms Mary decided to change the dynamic of the class, she decided to read a book while kids were acting, she engaged all the kids to be moving around the room making the noise and postures about the story that she was reading; Daniel was super happy and made every move and noise that was required.

That day Ms Mary was happy and proud to see how Daniel was behaving, that day she called Mrs. Kathy (Daniel's mother) and told her what happened that day in her class. Since that day, Ms Mary makes all her classes different, sometimes she takes time during the class to include movements to engage Daniel.

Children with low response in the proprioceptive system need to move frequently to know where their body is, so it is necessary to give them the information they need to facilitate their learning process. Like Daniel, there are many children that we need to understand to give them the necessary tools for their learning process.

Encourage, embrace and guide from the Heart

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