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Vestibular System

The vestibular system is on charge to responds to movement and gravity contributing to the development of balance, equilibrium, postural control, muscle tone, maintaining a stable visual field while you are moving, and bilateral coordination.

When our vestibular system is not working properly, we can find:

  • Over-responsive

  • Fearful of elevators or escalators.

  • Fearful of walking on uneven surfaces or going up and down stairs.

  • Child that may never have liked baby swings or jumpers

  • Moves slowly and cautiously, avoids taking risks."

  • Scared or get sick of movement.

  • Child has difficulty riding a bike, hopping, skipping or balancing with one foot.

  • Under-responsive

  • Can be very impulsive.

  • Enjoy and likes to be upside down.

  • Takes unsafe risk both inside and outside

  • Child likes to be in constant motion.

  • Runs everywhere instead of walk,

  • When he/she is sitting must rock, shakes leg or move their head.

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